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Sprinkler Systems

The Essential Components of gardening are water, sunlight and soil.

Proper irrigation is important.  The goal is to give enough water to your plants and lawn without waste.  A well planned watering system not only helps you to avoid over-watering but it also helps you to avoid plant death and disease.

Water efficiency is greatly improved with a properly designed system.

We offer complete sprinkler installation and guarantee full coverage. 

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

A controller, or timer, that regulates the amount of time you water is an essential element of any waterwise garden.  The amount of water used is timed exactly.  No forgetting to turn off the sprinklers.  Furthermore you can water when the sun is not yet up and you won't lose up to 50% through evaporation.


We offer complete repairs of existing systems as well as upgrading.  Anything from replacing broken sprinkler heads to converting manual systems to automatic.